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Clinic Decoration

Clinical Supervision

I operate from a feminist's model, trauma informed, and person centered orientation. I supervise counselors who are operating their own practices and are in need of clinical supervision.


How You Will Benefit From Clinical Supervision


Be guided by someone who has started their own practice. Who is actively expanding their expertise.


Learn to trust your gut and recognize the strengths you bring as a counselor.

Trauma Informed

Learn best practices on how to be trauma informed in your sessions

Expand Knowledge 

Learn from an expert in trauma, addiction, telehealth, and couples therapy. 

Clinical Supervision Offerings

LPCC Individual Supervision

Have one on one and supervision where the time is personalized to your goals., hours count towards LPCC licensure. $100 for each hour 

LPCC Group Supervision

Connect with other therapists and discuss case conceptualizations. Expand the lens of how you approach your clients. Hours count towards LPCC licensure. $40 for each hour. 

LPCC-S Observation.

Observe supervision sessions to complete LPCC-S supervision requirement. $300 for five observations and feedback session. 

Green Gradient

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